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Complimentary Consultation with esteemed Brand Expert
We invite you for a complimentary consultation (no-obligation) with Jacky Tai, a Brand Expert from Unbroken Branding, a leader in Brand Consultancy & our Brands For Good Sponsor.

Please Note: Limited slots are available. Consultations are subject to availability & confirmed at the consultant's discretion. The consultation will be for up to 30 mins & is limited to the first approved slots. The session will be conducted virtually via ZOOM.

⬇️ Find out more about What is a Brand, Brand Strategy, its importance for SMEs, grants, etc. below. 
Jacky Tai
Brand Strategist, Author & CEO,

Unbroken Branding Singapore

Why is Brands For Good so focused on Brand?

In these competitive times, it is clear that long-term business success is directly linked to the strength of one’s Brand & Brand Strategy.


Brands For Good realizes it is critical for SMEs to enhance their Branding & we are on a mission to empower our community through Brand Strategy capabilities. 

What is a Brand?

Working Together

Different people have different definitions for what a brand is. It doesn’t matter what your definition of a brand is but in order to build a strong brand, everyone in the company must have a common definition. 


Alternatively, you can use this definition:


A brand is just an idea that exists in the minds of your customers that is closely linked to your brand.  For example: Google = Search Engine; eBay = Online Auction; Oracle = CRM.


If your company owns a simple and powerful idea in the minds of customers, you have a strong brand.  If you don’t own an idea, you don’t have a strong brand.  It’s as simple at that.

2. What is Brand Strategy & Why is it Important for SMEs in Singapore?

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Brand Strategy is all about these 3 things:


1.  How well the brand is positioned in the minds of customers.  The Brand Position is made of 6 critical components such as Vision (the future the brand wants to create); Mission (what the brand does every day in terms of Products, Processes and People in order to realize the Vision); Category (the space that the brand wants to dominate); Brand Values; Enemy Definition (the No. 1 Problem the brand is here to solve); and Value Proposition (the No. 1 benefit that brand brings).


2.  How highly-differentiated the brand is versus its Top 10 Competitors.


3.  How well the brand communicates its Brand Position and Brand Differentiator.


There are 2 ways to grow a business.  One, build a strong brand that is well-positioned, highly-differentiated and clearly-communicated.  Two, sell cheap.  If you don’t have a strong brand, you will have to sell cheap.  If don’t have a strong brand and yet you can’t sell cheap, the company will eventually be forced out of the market by the competition.

How does the Gov support SMEs to commercialise their IP?

Unbroken Branding can help you capitalize on Government Grants which can defray up to 80% of Consultancy Costs for your SME.

Interested to find out more?

We invite you for a complimentary consultation (no-obligation) with Jacky Tai, a Brand Expert from Unbroken Branding,
a leader in Brand Consultancy & our Brands For Good Sponsor (subject to availability).

Please note that limited slots are available. Register your interest below.

Meet Our Sponsor & Brand Knowledge Partner:

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Jacky Tai
Brand Strategist, Author & CEO,

Unbroken Branding


Finding the right strategy is critical because no matter how well a company executes, it will not win if it has the wrong strategy.  Unbroken Branding is here to help you discover that right strategy quickly. 

Jacky Tai believes that when a company has the right brand strategy and executes this strategy consistently, it will create an unbroken winning streak that transforms the business into a powerful brand.  It was this idea which had inspired him to name his firm Unbroken Branding. 


Prior to this, Jacky was the director of brand strategy at PwC Singapore after his former consulting firm, StrategiCom, was acquired by PwC. 


He authored 7 highly-acclaimed brand strategy books including:

-        Branding Landmines Even The Best Brands Step On.

-        B2B: 10 Rules To Transform Your Business Into A Brand.

-        Killer Differentiators: 13 Strategies To Grow Your Brand.

-        Get A Name: 10 Rules To Create A Great Brand Name

-        Brand Zero: The Complete Branding Guide For Start-Ups.


Jacky has a degree in marketing from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and he is also a PMC-certified consultant. 

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