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Why is Brands For Good so focused on IP?

In these exponential & innovative times, it is clear that long-term business success is directly linked to the strength of one’s IP & intangible Assets.


Brands For Good realises it is critical for SMEs to build & commercialise their IP & we are on a mission to empower our community through IP. 

What are Intangible Assets & IP?

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Intangible Assets are assets that are not physical. Examples include brands, customer data, technologies, supplier relationships, processes or SOPs, licenses, agreements, know-hows, etc.


Intellectual Property (IP) is a type of intangible asset which can be registered & is legally protected from outside use without consent. Examples include patents, trademarks, registered designs, trade secrets & copyrights.

Why do leading firms care about IP & why should you?

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Did you know that over 90% of the valuations of companies in the S&P500 are composed of their Intangible Assets?
Just imagine the value of Apple without its patents or Facebook without its user data.


These leading firms understand that growing & commercialising their IP portfolios enables them to have a competitive edge in the marketplace with stronger business models & also allows them to attract capital & sustain value for lasting dominance.

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Our IP Knowledge Partner & Sponsor:


Harry Elias Partnership (est. 1988), have world-class expertise in helping businesses grow, protect & commercialise their IP & Intangible Assets to propel them to the next level. Their team has successfully advised numerous companies from a wide range of sectors across Asia.


Harry Elias offers IP Commercialization Strategy Consultancy services, which we highly recommend to those in our community who are ready to take the next step in growing their business.

How does the Gov support SMEs looking to
commercialise their IP?

Harry Elias Partnership can help you capitalise on Government Grants which can defray up to 80% of Consultancy Costs for your SME.

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