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About the Company:


DTC World Corporation is the leading full-service premiums & POS merchandise solutions and global fulfilment partner. With more than 20 years of valuable experience in product design, conceptual development and sourcing, we understand the challenges and the need for innovation, co-creation, product development to sustainable sourcing, cost savings and fulfilment.


Our in-house design team can help clients quickly adapt key visuals into unique merchandise while our expertise in product knowledge, factories and logistics network allow us to manage the project timeline efficiently. We specialise in highly customized (OEM) premiums and gifts, procurement web portal and Point of Sales (POS) merchandise serving some of the largest multinationals in the world.


Supported by a supplier network of over 200 factories in Asia Pacific and offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and China, we work closely with our clients to select the most cost effective and efficient location to produce the merchandise.


DTC World Corporation Pte Ltd





65 6397 5818




7 Gambas Crescent , #05-24 ARK @ Gambas, Singapore 757087

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"Ever since we started addressing sustainability issues - actually started DOING it and LEARNING MORE about it, we realised that if we could make money while doing good, why not? It makes sense."

About the

Director - Jason Cheng

2020 was a year unlike anything we have experienced before. The global pandemic has challenged economies, societies and each and every business globally. It has made us rethink the way we do our business, to adapt quickly and made us become more agile. In our business, specifically, we had to redesign and manage our supply chain to ensure that our business was resilient – from safe workplaces for our employees, to remote working options, while ensuring that we still fulfilled our customer orders. As we continue to grow and serve more clients, we remain steadfast in our commitment to integrate sustainability in our day-to-day operations.


I am pleased to share with you our FY2020 Sustainability Report which outlines our progress against our sustainable business strategy and targets. These include our progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, implementing responsible practices in our own operations and supply chain, and creating a positive and supportive work environment for our employees. While pursuing sustainability in our business, I am also proud to share several achievements – DTC was awarded EcoVadis Platinum certification and is placed in the top 1% of organisations rated for their sustainability performance. For the second year in a row, DTC was listed as one of the high-growth companies in the Asia-Pacific Region, based on an April 2021 report compiled by The Financial Times, in partnership with Nikkei Asia and Statista on the region’s top 500 high-growth companies. DTC is also one of the first twelve companies in Singapore to receive the GreenDNA certification in 2020, awarded by the Singapore Environment Council.


We are committed to accelerate the adoption of responsible, inclusive, and sustainable practices in our supply chain and continue to enforce stringent measures on our supply chain to reduce operational and business risk.


Through the concerted efforts of our management team, employees, and partners, we are demonstrating the highest resilience with the goal of emerging stronger through this period of somewhat uncertainty. Notwithstanding the challenges the world and our country are facing today, we remain optimistic of the long-term prospects as we continue to develop and innovate for our many stakeholders.

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