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About the Company:


The Saturday Movement Ltd is a charitable non-profit organisation that befriends and cares for a community of more than 300 elderly and vulnerable poor in Singapore.


Started as a ground-up volunteer group in Lengkok Bahru eleven years ago, our mission is to assist disadvantaged elderly and poor in low income areas, through the simple act of providing a meal or dry rations and a listening ear. These beneficiaries we encounter have been trapped or left behind in the wake of economic growth, and are unable to cope financially, mentally or emotionally. You can follow our journey or


Its name derived because every Saturday, for the past eleven years, elderly residents in one-room rental flats in Lengkok Bahru were treated to lunch and given a loaf of bread and fruits at the void decks. For the volunteer group of friends who show up once a week with good food, friendship and one simple motivation - Unconditional Love.


During circuit breaker when we delivered more than a 1000 meals daily from May to August, we realised that no matter how many meals was provided, demand was always increasing and it was financially untenable to rely wholly on donations and handouts. As a result, TSM lauched two social enterprise projects, S17 Community Kitchen @ Lengkok Bahru, a neighbourhood kitchen that provides 500 meals a week, and Sungei Road Green Hub, 2 retail shops space for ex-Sungei Road vendors to promote recycling and upcycling.


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The Saturday Movement









57 Lengkok Bahru #01-489

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"We all have the ability to do good, but with unconditional love, it spurs us to do even more with vigour."

About the

Founder - Raymond Khoo

Founded Saturdays@Lengkok Bahru eleven years ago, this volunteer ground-up initiative that takes care of the poorer households living in one-room rental units in and around Block 55 to 61 (1,200 households in total). An early start in doing good has given Raymond the heart and smarts in putting together sustainable community projects. He grew up packing and delivering food parcels for prisoners with his late grandfather, who was Singapore’s first prison chaplain. A father who sponsored the studies of his staff also brought home the importance of inclusiveness.


It is no surprise that Raymond’s community project at Lengkok Bahru revolves around food. He started dessert chains and restaurants, the latest venture being the nostalgic Peranakan at Claymore Connect. He was also the founder for Solutions 17, a boutique hospitality consultancy for hotels, clubs and beverage outlets here and abroad. It is a wealth of experience that puts him in an excellent position to build S17 Community Kitchens @ Lengkok Bahru for greater good.

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