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About the Company:


Venturer Group is an accounting and corporate services group that goes beyond counting profit and loss. By focusing on people and planet, we make a difference with a 3-prong approach:



We create HR programmes that are designed to increase their Happiness, Health and Wealth:

– Happiness: We measure our Workplace Happiness and are glad to know that that our people are significantly happier working with us than elsewhere on our island-state.

– Health: Other than voluntarily covering our staff with health insurance benefits, we also provide standing desks, treadmills, massage chairs and healthier pantry options in the office.

– Wealth: To help our people be financially healthy, we map out career paths, give out quarterly bonuses and offer equity programmes to outstanding staff members.



For sustainability, we conscientiously implement the following:

– Our LED lights are estimated to save 75% less energy & last 25 times longer.

– By adopting digital signatures, printing double-sided and in black/white, we lower our paper usage and save the trees.

– We encourage the use of non-disposable utensils in the office by providing the necessary.



We go beyond just offering the usual suite of accounting and corporate services. Here's how we add value and empower their success:

– We inspire them with success stories, offer free business e-guides and webinars.

– We strive to offer the most whilst charging as little as possible. Our affordable fees and professional work ethic have earned us glowing client reviews and have helped us become one of the fastest growing companies in Singapore.

– On a case-by-case basis, we have waived or reduced our fees. In fact during the Heightened Alert phase in Singapore this year, we offered all Singaporeans and PRs incorporation services at cost, forfeiting our profits.



Venturer Group Corporate Solutions Pte Ltd








531A Upper Cross St #04-95 S051531

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"As an accounting and corporate services group, we deal with hard numbers.

But what inspires us are the less tangible - from happiness to health to hopes and dreams."

About the

Chief Commercial Officer - Serene Loong

Some say: Money is the root of all evil.

On the contrary, at Venturer Group, we believe money can be the source of good – helping businesses successful, helping people fulfil their purpose and making life better.

Knowing the difference money can make, as Chief Commercial Officer, I joyfully work towards improving the bottom line by:

  • Growing revenue

  • Opening new markets

  • Setting stretched targets

  • Thinking up out-of-the box growth acceleration strategies

  • Creating and executing compelling marketing campaigns

  • Changing tack as needed to ensure we meet targets

  • Managing marketing and sales team to improve metrics

  • Advocating for the customer to ensure customer-centricity

  • Crafting a family of brands that internal and external stakeholders love

  • Establishing strategic partnerships

All in service of Venturer Group's vision of creating a tech-driven ecosystem that helps entrepreneurs and corporate services providers succeed in this brave new world.



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