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Rahul Kaul

About the Company:

GECO Asia Pte Ltd is a specialist IT Consulting Services company that serves a global client base by providing quality tech resources for modern Digital Transformation Initiatives. Set up as a joint venture with a German company in 2006, GECO Asia became a Singapore based with local ownership in 2020.


We believe in aspirational and skill-based hiring and encourage career progression through continuous upskilling. Led by Upskill Today business division, our Tech Talent Accelerator transforms how employees acquire future-ready skills through our Hire-Upskill-Deploy program. This program has served as an innovative way to address the Talent Supply problem for Next Gen IT skills. We designed this program to address internal hiring issues and now have extended the solution as a new business line.

Our robust transition support program of a 24-month career roadmap has yielded remarkable success, with over 200 individuals undergoing profound transformations in the last two (2) years.


Key Highlights of GECO Asia's Tech Talent Accelerator Program:

· 150+ Successful Consultants: Seamlessly integrated into projects of Fortune 500 clients.

· Diverse Career Transitions: From more than 10 industries, including back-to-work moms.

· 11+ Technology Tracks: A wide array of tech specializations to choose from.

· 6+ Softskills Courses: Elevate your potential with a comprehensive soft skills curriculum.

· Real-World Simulation: Capstone projects simulate client environments

· Personalized Mentorship: 1:1 mentorship ensures a smooth transition into the workforce.

· 24-Month Career Roadmap: Ongoing support for career advancement post-deployment.

· Expert Guidance: A trio of trainers, coaches, and technical mentors for your journey.


This transition support has become a differentiator for our business with clients appreciating our delivery of quality

consulting workforce with low attrition rates. In fact, many clients who worked with us based on this model are already

seeking variations of this business model to address attrition, diversity, sabbatical support, and fulfilling middle and senior leadership positions for Next-Gen IT and Digital Transformation projects.


At GECO Asia, we are committed to enhancing world-class organizational capabilities with our IT talent pool.


GECO Asia Pte Ltd





6560 3224




2 Venture Drive, #10-18, Vision Exchange, Singapore 608526

Rahul Kaul
"With us, if you aspire to do that we can help you achieve this in a fast track manner."

About the

Founder / Director:

As the Managing Director of GECO for more than 15 years, it has been a long but very

enriching experience for me. The thing that has been stayed with me are the relationships that I

have made with our customers, partners, business associates and the foremost, all the

GECO colleagues that have made valuable contributions to make us reach what we are



GECO 1.0 was about helping large enterprises make business transformations with packaged

solutions like SAP. The marketplace has known of us as a boutique IT Consulting firm where the

consultants deliver high quality work.


We are in an incredible time in terms of what modern technology can do for businesses. And

all of this transformation will still be delivered by people. I am excited to build this next chapter

for GECO with all my colleagues!


The focus on ABCD Technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud and Data) excites

me immensely on what we can deliver to our customers. Our specific focus on low-code-nocode

technology platforms like MS PowerTools, PEGA, Salesforce, ServiceNow is going to be another differentiator as we look to bring creative and rapid deployable Digital Transformation solutions.


Our new Tech Talent Accelerator is a game changer for the marketplace and this will help us go into an entirely different space.

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