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Brands for Good CarbonCare ®  Label 2021

The Brands for Good CarbonCare ® Label was first introduced to Singapore in 2019 to encourage and recognise the efforts of businesses in their actions to tackle climate change by measuring and reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

In line with the Singapore Green Plan 2030, the Label seeks to encourage and recognise companies for taking steps to understand, measure and reduce their carbon footprint.

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Why apply for the Brands for Good CarbonCare ®  Label?

  • Future-proof your organisation from regulatory changes and other climate-related transition risks.

  •  Build new competitive advantage and resilience in a world confronted by a climate emergency.

  •  Protect your license to operate by enabling your stakeholders to identify your sustainability efforts.

Eligibility and Requirements

All entities are eligible to apply for the Brands for Good CarbonCare ®  Label, including: listed or private companies, non-profit or –government organisations, public agencies, buildings, venues, etc.

The table below lists the three labels that organisations can apply for, in increasing levels of action:

1. Brands for Good CarbonCare Label
2. Brands for Good CarbonCare Champion Label
3. Brands for Good CarbonCare Neutral Label.

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Application Steps and Award Process

  1. Apply: Entity submits an application form for the Brands For Good CarbonCare ®  Label.

  2. Payment: Entity makes payment for application of the label with Brands For Good.

  3. Submission of supporting documents*:
    a) All applicants: carbon accounting report and carbon verification statement
    b) Brands for Good CarbonCare Champion Label applicants: SMART target and carbon reduction action
    c) Brands for Good CarbonCare Neutral Label applicants: carbon offset certificate

  4. Verification: An independent team from Brands For Good will verify the entity’s carbon reduction efforts.

  5. Award: Entities will be awarded the Brands for Good CarbonCare ®  Label for
    immediate use.

  6. Ceremony: Entities will be invited to attend the Brands for Good 2021 award ceremony at the end of the year.

Application and Verification Fees

The cost of the application fee depends on an entity’s annual revenue. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, we will be extending a 20-50% discount to all applicants through a discount referral code.

The cost of verification fee for the carbon audit according to ISO 14064-3 is a standard rate of $3000. Companies with more than 10 sites (i.e. offices/ factories/ warehouses etc) will be quoted separately.

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Please note that the application and verification fees exclude the cost of conducting the
carbon audit, target-setting and offsets (if needed). These will be quoted and billed separately
depending on the scope of the reporting boundary.

*Please contact Brands for Good for more information on how to obtain these supporting documents.

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