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Singapore Book Of Records

15th June 2024, 5pm Wisma Geylang Serai

Joo Chiat as a community will attempt a NEW Singapore record for having the Largest Display of Burgers!

Working alongside with our strategic partners, Brands for Good and VEGANBURG, we warmly invite all Joo Chiat’s residents to come witness, support, and join us as we set brand-new Singapore Record

SBOR Event Details

Date: 15th June (Saturday), 5pm

Location: Geylang Wisma Serai (in front of main stage area)

SBOR Title: Largest Display of Burgers in Singapore

Requisite: More than 100 burgers to secure the title

Adjudicator: Official representative from Singapore Book of Records (SBOR)

Strategic SBOR Partners: Joo Chiat CCC, VEGANBURG (VB), Brands for Good (BFG)

SBOR Awards to: Joo Chiat CCC, VEGANBURG, Brands for Good

(Each Strategic SBOR will get an award specific to their brand, for the joint achievement)

JC65 Singapore Book Of Records (SBOR)

To commemorate the JC65 milestone, Brands for Good and VEGANBURG, together with the Joo Chiat CCC, wanted this celebration to be special, meaningful, and significant, and to put a bookmark a time in history where the Joo Chiat community and residents come together to achieve a new Singapore Record!

After numerous internal discussions, creative ideas, and consulting with the Singapore Book of Records (SBOR) officials, a final decision was made to attempt for, “The Largest Display of Burgers in Singapore” at 5pm on the 15th June 2024, at Geylang Wisma Serai.

VEGANBURG has kindly agreed to sponsor their Halal Certified 100% plant based vegan burgers to support our Joo Chiat community in this SBOR attempt.

After the SBOR event, our Joo Chiat residents will also get to sample the unique tastes of their burgers, such as Chilli Krab, Char Grilled Satay, Hainese Chickenless, Shrooms, and Teriyaki.


VEGANBURG is the world’s first 100% Halal Certified vegan burger joint founded in 2010 in Singapore, pioneering and leading the wave of sustainable and plant-based food we now see in the market.

Today it operates in the United States and Singapore, recognized with numerous awards, accolades, and endorsements. Its unique local theme burgers are created in-house by Burger Artists.

VEGANBURG is a strong voice for health, sustainability, and the environment, balancing great taste with social cause where EVERYONE A PLANET WARRIOR.

Singapore Book of Records (SBOR)

The Singapore Book of Records (SBOR) is a non-profit organisation established in 2005, primarily to compile and adjudicate all national records, and to advise and promote world records.

It was formed in response to widespread voices for a national body to administer and make local record breaking possible. There are currently about 30 countries around the world with their own record keeping bodies.

Brands For Good

Brands For Good aims to recognise businesses that not only make a difference
but also commit as stewards for a positive impact. Brands for Good is all about rewarding businesses for doing good.

We recognise and honour SMEs across Asia for embodying the principles of Social Responsibility in their business and operations.

The Joo Chiat Residents and Community

The Joo Chiat residents and community have been the backbone and anchor of Joo Chiat for the last 65 years. They have been critical pillars in Joo Chiat and will continue to be for many years to come! 

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