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Bettr Barista

Bettr Barista Pte Ltd
Bettr Barista Pte Ltd
Bettr Barista Pte Ltd

Bettr Barista Pte Ltd


Diversity & Inclusion

Business Model

Bettr Barista is a home-grown specialty coffee company founded in 2011, and Singapore’s first certified B-Corporation. It is a leading provider of professional coffee education, specialty coffee products for retail and wholesale, and provides large scale events services for corporates. It also operates retail coffee bars islandwide, using these micro enterprises to amplify positive social impact in the community.

Bettr Barista works to empower lives through a Holistic Training Programme for marginalised women and youth, by nurturing direct and sustainable trade across its supply chain, and by building socially conscious communities wherever they operate.

Bettr Barista is proud to be the 2017 President’s Challenge Social Enterprise of the Year winner and a Best For The World (Community) organisation from 2016-2018. More at


Bettr Barista Pte Ltd





6383 5030




5 Harrison Rd,
Singapore 369645

The Founder - Pamela Chng

Pamela Chng

The Founder

Bettr Barista Pte Ltd

We believe that a simple cup of coffee can bring people together, foster camaraderie, grow communities, and empower. This - and our commitment to doing business in a socially responsible way - sits at the heart of everything we do.

Bettr Barista Pte Ltd

The Founder

Bettr Barista Pte Ltd

Pamela has over 18 years of start-up and business experience and is the co-founder of Bettr Barista, a for-profit social business and specialty coffee company in Singapore that aims to change lives through coffee.

Bettr Barista empowers lives through its holistic vocational programmes for marginalised women and youth, nurtures direct and sustainable trade across our supply chain, and builds community and encourage socially conscious consumption wherever we operate.

Pamela is the first Singaporean on the Board of Directors of the global Specialty Coffee Association. She is a World Barista Championship Certified Sensory Judge, World Coffee in Good Spirits Sensory Judge, Licensed Q Arabica Grader, WDA ACTA-certified Trainer and Assessor,and Specialty Coffee Association Certifier and Authorised Trainer.

She started Bettr Barista with hopes to use coffee as a tangible vehicle by which to holistically better the lives of women, youth-at-risk and the less privileged in communities around the world.

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