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Big Tiny

Big Tiny Pte Ltd
Big Tiny Pte Ltd
Big Tiny Pte Ltd

Big Tiny Pte Ltd


Business Model

Managing Environmental Impact

Founded in March 2017, Big Tiny is the first company in Singapore to integrate the concept of tiny houses with eco-tourism. Tiny houses are part of an international move towards simplifying lives by reducing the size, and therefore the resource consumption, of homes without sacrificing quality of life. 

Big Tiny takes this one step further by placing its beautifully designed, handcrafted compact homes on wheels in spectacular rural settings. The intent being to amplify the benefits of the tiny house movement by pairing the advantages of a thoughtfully efficient abode with the recharging potential of an intimate connection with Mother Nature. 

The brainchild of young Singaporean entrepreneurs, Big Tiny stems from a desire to 1) offer the city dweller a chance to experience the perfect escape from a hectic, digitally-laden lifestyle; and 2) enable anyone to have a part in this new way of living.


Big Tiny Pte Ltd





6525 5282




15 Yishun Industrial Street 1
Win 5 #02-15
Singapore 768091

The Co-Founder - Jeff Yeo

Jeff Yeo

The Co-Founder

Big Tiny Pte Ltd

There are many companies out there who boast that they are eco-conscious. We like to do it by walking the talk and letting our stakeholders do the boasting for us.

Big Tiny Pte Ltd

The Co-Founder

Big Tiny Pte Ltd

In addition to helping big brand names like AXA, BMW Asia, Citibank and various government agencies achieve their business objectives, Jeff had recently taken a short sabbatical to set up a social enterprise aimed at empowering under-privileged working women and ensuring a safe working environment for them.

Since its inception two years ago, the enterprise has proven to have improved the standard of living for the women in its database.

With more than 15 years working in branding and marketing for both clients and agencies sides, Jeff has experience in various industries throughout his career. 

He runs the sales and marketing arm of Big Tiny and is a highly resourceful individual who thrives on providing highly creative communication solutions for his clients that effectively addresses their strategic business issues.

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