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Canaan Healthfoods

Canaan Healthfoods Pte Ltd
Canaan Healthfoods Pte Ltd
Canaan Healthfoods Pte Ltd

Canaan Healthfoods Pte Ltd


Business Model

Canaan Healthfoods, Singapore, a healthfood company promoting the use of wholesome nutrition to support & enhance healing and recovery for people in health crisis. 

Since 1996, Canaan Healthfoods flagship product Manna has been used and well received in the medical space for people recovering from surgery and cancer treatments.


Canaan Healthfoods Pte Ltd





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The Founder - Quek Choon Geok

Quek Choon Geok

The Founder

Canaan Healthfoods Pte Ltd

We Add Years To Your Life And Life To Your Years

Canaan Healthfoods Pte Ltd

The Founder

Canaan Healthfoods Pte Ltd

The story of Manna® began more than 20 years ago with Ms Quek Choon Geok, a medical technologist trained in Haematology, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Serology.

While working in Singapore General Hospital, she had to draw blood from patients for blood counts. They were all cancer patients undergoing treatment. When the white cell or platelet counts fall below normal range, treatment had to stop. These patients also could not eat well due to side effects like mouth ulcers, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Ms Quek continued her work as a Medical Technologist in Mt Alvernia Hospital.  It was not uncommon to find cancer patients’ blood counts dropping too low for treatment to continue, many would succumb to secondary infection due to a weakened immune system and some did not survive.

Ms Quek would in her free time check on some of the patients and offer the much needed emotional support while they are undergoing treatment. It was through such encounters that made her look into the role of nutrition during treatment.

Nutrition was often presumed and therefore overlooked as an important factor in treatment and recovery.  She began looking into food with high nutritional value and yet easily assimilated by the human body.  It was through Divine Providence she stumbled across a complete wholefood which can be sublingually absorbed we now know today as Manna®.

From the blood reports of patients who stopped treatment due to low blood count, she saw the condition reversed when they consumed Manna® and were able to continue treatment.

She also noticed patients who come for simple surgeries ended up with complications due to poor wound healing or post op infection. That further confirmed her belief in the importance of nutrition before and after surgery. From the positive results of Manna® on cancer patients, whenever there was an opportunity, she would recommend Manna® to those who were preparing for surgery and all of them experience speedy wound recovery and shorter stay in hospital.

Manna® is sold in SGH since 1996. Manna® is also excellent  for expectant mothers, the elderly and children.

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