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DNR Wheels

DNR Wheels Pte Ltd
DNR Wheels Pte Ltd
DNR Wheels Pte Ltd

DNR Wheels Pte Ltd


People Development

Diversity & Inclusion

DNR Wheels Pte Ltd (DNR) is the leading provider of disability and rehabilitative equipment including home nursing products in Singapore.It was set up by a prominent athlete with disability, Mr. Raja Singh in 1994.


DNR currently supplies a wide range of rehabilitative, mobility and home nursing products to major hospitals, retail stores and pharmacies.The products offered include a specialty line of wheelchairs and personal mobility devices, hospital equipment, therapy products, nutritional feeds and disposables.


In addition to an online shop, the Company also operates 2 retail outlets at its present premises and at the St Andrew’s Community Hospital to offer the convenience of directly shopping for our wide range of products with the same assurance of quality and responsive service.


With an established network supplying a wide range of products to end users as well major hospitals and retail stores in Singapore, the next logical foray would be Malaysia and other ASEAN countries.Plans are in place to start a company in Malaysia specialising in distribution of mobility, rehabilitative and home nursing products.


We are keen to leverage on the DNR branding to grow our Singapore office to not just serve the Singapore market but also to serve as a hub to supply the regional market.


DNR Wheels Pte Ltd





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The Founder - Raja Singh

Raja Singh

The Founder

DNR Wheels Pte Ltd

“As we work towards a more inclusive and diverse community, there is a place for DNR Wheels to walk the talk by championing more employment of persons with special needs including persons from different nationalities with varying cultural and religious background.”

DNR Wheels Pte Ltd

The Founder

DNR Wheels Pte Ltd

Our founder, Mr Raja Singh has been an avid sportsman since young.While serving as a commando in the army, he met with a cycling accident in 1983.Although paralysed from the waist down from aged 22 years, Raja continued to pursue disability sports and represented Singapore and winning gold medals in various national and international wheelchair racing competitions.He participated in 2 Paralympic Games in 1988 and 1992.


Raja devoted much of his adult life after acquiring his disability to championing disability sports.He wanted to foster a nurturing environment for the new generation of para athletes to be included and accepted as contributing members of the community.


Raja was able to represent the interests and views of our athletes with disabilities and discharged his duties with distinction as the Chef de Mission (CDM) of Team Singapore during the ASEAN Para Games hosted by Singapore in 2015.He also founded wheelchair rugby in 2016 to introduce this sport to persons with severe physical disabilities in Singapore.The Singapore Government subsequently set up 2 Centres of Expertise to promote disability sports, one of which was for promoting wheelchair rugby.


Raja’s untiring efforts in championing disability sports was recognised by the Singapore Government when he was conferred the Public Service Medal (PBM) as part of the 2017 National Day Awards.


Today, he continues to serve as the Vice President of the Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) with the determined drive of cultivating the next generation of para athletes in Singapore.He is also a Management Committee member of the Handicaps Welfare Association (HWA) which spearhead efforts at enhancing the quality of life of people with physical disabilities and enabling them to integrate into mainstream society.

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