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Econflo Systems

Econflo Systems Pte Ltd
Econflo Systems Pte Ltd
Econflo Systems Pte Ltd

Econflo Systems Pte Ltd


Managing Environmental Impact

Econflo Systems Pte. Ltd. is a major distributor and retailer of major brands of sanitary wares, faucets/mixers, fittings and accessories.

We carry important European brands that are instantly recognised and highly sought after by designers and end-users alike. To date, our products have been installed in countless residential and commercial projects in and around Singapore.

As the pioneer in promoting the widespread use of crucial water-saving concepts in water closet flushing systems thirty years ago, we have continued to introduce new and innovative solutions to what used to be the most mundane of necessities - the bathroom.

Whether it is meeting the bathroom needs of residential properties or commercial developments, our quality range has the solutions. We also have solutions that cater to the needs of the handicap and elderly.

We provide unparalleled customer service to all our customers' bathroom enquiries as our goal is to be YOUR COMPLETE BATHROOM SOLUTIONS provider.


Econflo Systems Pte Ltd





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401 Commonwealth Drive
#01-01 Lobby B
Haw Par Technocentre
Singapore 149598

The Next Generation - Mark Yeo

Mark Yeo

The Next Generation

Econflo Systems Pte Ltd

An organisation is only as good as its people working together for its success

Econflo Systems Pte Ltd

The Next Generation

Econflo Systems Pte Ltd

Executive Director Mark Yeo of Econflo Systems is a second generation leader in his family business started by his father and uncles.

Graduating from RMIT in Aerospace Engineering, he worked for SIAEC for a couple of years before joining the company. At first reluctant to join the family business because of a desire to build a career in the engineering sector, Mark decided to be part of the family business when there was a need for a multi-role manager to handle the unassigned portfolios.

In his new position as a manager in Econflo Systems, Mark was placed in charge of the logistics department, had to schedule vehicle maintenance and assist the senior manager in IT matters.

The first major task that was assigned to Mark and accomplished successfully was the relocation and consolidation of the company’s warehousing facilities. The management had decided to sell its industrial building at Kaki Bukit Terrace and consolidate the office with the showroom at Beach road for a more efficient operation.

This led to the relocation of the warehouse to Clementi Loop and the goods stored at various 3PL vendors were withdrawn and returned to the warehouse. This warehouse relocation was a milestone for the company as it was where we first implemented a racking system and used MHE to move palletised goods.

In his present portfolio, Mark handles matters that are essential to both the sales and administrative teams. These include applying for performance bonds when required by a project, handling contracts and tenancy agreements, financial control and HR matters.

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