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Food Playground

Food Playground Pte Ltd
Food Playground Pte Ltd
Food Playground Pte Ltd

Food Playground Pte Ltd


Work Redesign Practices

Business Model

Food Playground is a social enterprise cooking school offering hands-on cultural cooking classes and corporate team building workshops, all of which conducted by stay-at-home mothers facing barriers to meaningful employment in Singapore.

Operating out of a pre-war heritage shophouse in Chinatown since 2012, we provide flexi-work employment opportunities to these women and empower them through structured training in storytelling, event management and customer service to develop them into proficient culinary instructors to conduct these cooking classes and corporate team building workshops.

Our signature Cultural Cooking Class offers a local immersion experience for tourists and expatriates to learn more about Singapore’s food heritage, while our customized team-building workshops help organizations bond and learn about teamwork through food-themed team-building exercises.


Food Playground Pte Ltd





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24A Sago Street,
Singapore 059020

The Founder - Daniel Tan

Daniel Tan

The Founder

Food Playground Pte Ltd

We all can make a difference in someone's life as long as we care and make it happen.

Food Playground Pte Ltd

The Founder

Food Playground Pte Ltd

Daniel is passionate about creating social impact and championing the underdogs. He left his corporate career in the travel & hospitality industry to found a social enterprise called Food Playground in 2012, and now spends most of his time cooking up new recipes and food programmes with like-minded foodies in the kitchen.

Through Food Playground, Daniel has inspired many stay-at-home mothers to return to the workforce by providing them with flexi-work arrangements and opportunities to regain their confidence and discover their hidden talents. The unfortunate reality is that many stay-at-home mothers and active seniors face overwhelming obstacles in finding meaningful work because of their need for flexi-work arrangements. Daniel firmly believes that this group of women has so much to offer and contribute, which is why every single employee in Food Playground is either a stay-at-home mother or an active senior.

Against all odds, Food Playground's cultural cooking classes and team-building workshops have won numerous industry accolades and are consistently rated Number 1 on Tripadvisor. Nothing gives Daniel more happiness and pride than to see his group of underdogs overcome overwhelming odds to defeat the Goliaths of their industry.

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