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Nanyang Food Pte Ltd
Nanyang Food Pte Ltd
Nanyang Food Pte Ltd

Nanyang Food Pte Ltd


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Founded in 1959, Nanyang Sauce has been used by top restaurant chefs and home chefs alike for generations.

Pleasing to the delicate palate of experts, every bottle of Nanyang Sauce is hand-brewed and bottled to ensure the freshness and standards are met.

Each drop of sauce is made from the best 100% non-GMO soya beans naturally brewed under the sun for nine months to create a thick, dark goodness with a rich aroma that is distinctly Nanyang.


Nanyang Food Pte Ltd





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The Founder - Ken Koh

Ken Koh

The Founder

Nanyang Food Pte Ltd

Life is short, the secret to happiness is to expect nothing and accept everything!

Nanyang Food Pte Ltd

The Founder

Nanyang Food Pte Ltd

Mr Ken Koh is the 3rd Generation Family member of Nanyang Sauce.

He first started his own business in 2003 in the education industry and entered the family business in 2018.

He aims to preserve the heritage of artisan sauce making through brewing the best soy sauce in the world right here in Singapore.

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