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Qanemate Pte Ltd
Qanemate Pte Ltd
Qanemate Pte Ltd

Qanemate Pte Ltd


Improving Lives

Business Model

6 years ago, siblings Ian Hao and Ing Le Seng were eating at a hawker centre when they noticed an old lady drinking coffee with a walking cane leaning on the side of the table.

As the table surface was smooth, the cane fell to the ground. When the old lady attempted to retrieve the cane, she lost her balance and fell, injuring her head in the process.

From then on, the siblings decided that the walking cane should not be a hazard, but a benefit to the user.


Thus, the Qanemate was born.

The Qanemate is a patented smart walking aid holder which aims to empower walking stick users, especially elders for smarter and safer mobility with a vision to a fall-free Singapore's aging population.

Today, Qanemate Pte Ltd is a social enterprise which will be donating 100% of its profits to its philanthropic arm Qares Ltd. The Qanemate holder has been granted patent rights in Singapore by the IPOS. It also has patent rights pending in Europe and countries in Asia.

Qanemate Pte Ltd envisions an intellectual property driven philanthro-enterpreneurship journey to empower the last, the lost and the least.


Qanemate Pte Ltd





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47 Leedon Road,
Singapore 267858

The Founders - Ian Hao & Ing Le

Ian Hao & Ing Le

The Founders

Qanemate Pte Ltd

Embrace the problem and it will be part of the Solution.

Qanemate Pte Ltd

The Founders

Qanemate Pte Ltd

SENG Ian Hao is the CEO and Chief Inventor at Qanemate Pte Ltd. He is currently 15 years old and studying at SJI International along with the rest of the team.

Through the school he has set up the Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club which currently has over 15 members. With Qanemate he hopes to empower elders through his innovation.


SENG Ing Le is the COO and Co-Inventor at Qanemate Pte Ltd. She is currently 13 years old. Ing Le hopes to contribute using the Qanemate project and encourage other young innovators or keen individuals to participate.

Coen YAP is the Chief Impact Officer at Qanemate Pte Ltd. He joined at the start of 2019 to help his classmates Ian Hao and Brian in the Citi-YMCA Youth For Causes programme and has since stayed on to play his part in helping the people around him.

Brian TAN is the Chief Financial Officer at Qanemate Pte Ltd. He has been on the team since 2017 and plays an active role beside Ian Hao in both the Social Entrepreneurship Club and Youth For Causes program.

Brian hopes to continue to help Qanemate in their future projects as a member of the core team.

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