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Empowering Local Markets

Social Giving & Engagement

Celebrations create memories, experiences and emotions that feed the soul as we journey through life.


The Kitchen Movements series of events was born out of the vision of The Party Elves to offer home cooks a platform to show off their talents in friendly competition, where the guests become the ‘judges’ for the evening. It was created to give the general public a chance to savour home cooked food that nourishes, as well as participate in the act of giving. 


It is a platform which has been created to allow people to come together in a variety of dimensions - professional chefs mentoring the  home cooks, general public, partners, sponsors and volunteers participating in the event and live auctions. All these actions culminate to an opportunity for everyone to contribute toward the community in which they live, to help rebuild and empower those who need it.


Established in 2011, The Party Elves curates events which encourage children, families and communities to gather through experiences, renewing and creating new bonds while celebrating each other.


The Party Elves





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The Founder - Aarathi Arumugam

Aarathi Arumugam

The Founder

The Party Elves

Celebrations give us the opportunity to bridge differences and bring communities together. 

The Kitchen Movements series of events celebrate good food, great company and the fabulous spirit of giving back to our community.

The Party Elves

The Founder

The Party Elves

Aarathi is passionate about connecting communities and curating events that celebrate and create experiences for individuals and families.

A trained Chartered Accountant (ICAA), she traded in her heels and power suits for a ladder, cake and craft tools, when she started The Party Elves, an end to end children’s events planning service, conjuring up themed events for the enjoyment of children of all ages. 

Starting slow and small, building the business as she built her family, she has learnt the hard lessons of being patient and taking things one step at a time. Working with her team curating events with a difference, that also contributes toward the larger community builds a business with passion and heart. 

She is a Keynote Speaker, a business woman and a fierce champion of bringing communities together.

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