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About the Company:


My NoNNa’s is a social enterprise with a mission to provide meaningful employment for differently-abled persons and the elderly. In addition to employing differently-abled persons, we provide Match-and-Train Program for employers who are keen to employ differently-abled persons with our Inclusion Inc Employment Programs.


Since our inception, we have provided employment for more than 30 differently-abled persons. While many of them had been deemed unemployable, My NoNNa’s took them on to provide them sustainable and meaningful employment. Award-winning My NoNNa’s now provides training for employers to be able to manage & employ differently-abled persons.


My NoNNa's Pte Ltd





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Sun-Club Community Cafe by My NoNNa's 600 Upper Thomson Road, Upper Thomson Community Hub Block E, Singapore 574421

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"I'd like to see the day when all businesses operate as Social Enterprises...that there is no need for a special term, social enterprise... That everyone has a social mission that sits on top of their financial KPIs."

About the

CEO & Founder - Geraldine Tan

Geri has worked in the corporate world for more than 30 years. After battling for years with a voice that kept nagging in her head, she finally decided to give in & do something truly meaningful with her life. It was a growing obsession to start a social enterprise. She saw an urgent need to help the maturing intellectually disabled, who were coming out of school & into the working world… only to find that they could not find a fit. As such, Cirrus Culinnaire and the brand My NoNNa’s was born.


This social enterprise would seek to focus on the strengths of each differently-abled person rather than their disabilities. Geri found a mission to develop great food products while at the same time, be able to help the intellectually disabled & autistic find something meaningful that could give them a sense of fulfillment and independence.


Geri developed a love for Italian food when in her youth, she was blessed with the opportunity to visit many parts of Italy! While there, she fell in love with the cuisine & spent time in the kitchens of Italian Nonnas (“Grandmothers”), trying to learn all their kitchen secrets! She was a private chef for 5 years as a hobby & has constantly wondered why there is a dearth of really good-tasting home style Italian food available. Hence, the Italian range of “My NoNNa’s” was conceived. Since the inception of My NoNNa’s in 2015, she has hired & trained more than 30 differently-abled persons.

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