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About the Company:


Sequoia Group Pte Ltd is an organisation development consultancy specialising in the fields of strategy, change, leadership and organisational learning. The services we provide include facilitation, consulting, coaching and capacity building.

Our Mission:

To help create organisations that are worthy of people’s commitment

Our Values:

Care – at one level, caring means to really care about the people who made a choice to work with us and people whom we choose to work with. Secondly, it is about caring for the mission of the organizations that we work with, as if they were our own.

Commitment – commitment is about integrity, professionalism and dedication to the highest quality work we are capable of in all the projects that we undertake. Commitment is also about delivering on promise to our customers, suppliers, employees and partners.

Community – we contribute towards building a more cohesive and stronger community directly, and through our clients. We support client organizations whose work have a direct impact on the community and help them clarify their business and social missions.

Continuity – we care about the long-term consequences of our work and are committed to ensuring that capacity-transfers take place so that people within the system are able to carry on the work even after our engagement with them has ended. Continuity is also about reminding our clients about their long-term accountability to the environment and to their immediate stakeholders.

Choice – we make affirmative choices so that our clients are aware of what we stand for what we believe in. We know we have a choice in the kinds of projects we undertake and the people we want to work with. Making conscious choices allow us to stay focused and enables us, in turn to deliver on our commitment.

Menu of O.D. Solutions & Programmes

· Corporate O.D. Strategy

· Strategic Planning

· Visioning MVV Review)

· Scenario Planning

· Multi-stakeholder Engagement

· Change Management

· Leadership Development

· Learning Organisation

· Art of Participatory Leadership (Art of Hosting)

· Appreciative Inquiry

· Business Excellence

· Executive Coaching

· Sustainability Workshops

· Emotional & Social Intelligence

· Other customised Capacity Building Programmes


Sequoia Group Pte Ltd





6253 1615




420 North Bridge Road #05-37 Singapore 188727

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"Seek clarity and understanding by being fully here and now. "

About the

CEO - Sean Tan

Employee Engagement comprise Vitamins M and W.

M for morale and motivation.

W for well-being of our people as we need to care for the energy of our people while we hope to achieve better performance and higher productivity. It is the people that make things happen.

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