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4 Billion New Customers' Marketplace Through Social System Innovation
Due to rapid increases in computing power, the latest trend of Social Innovation is now a System Change. Silos are seldom profitable, but System Innovation can reduce overheads, reach economies of scale, and enhance profitability when we ‘hunt in packs’. Prof. Jack Sim will give you insights on the amazingly profitable blue ocean marketplace.
Prof. Jack Sim
BoP Hub & World Toilet Organization
Jack Sim is a Serial entrepreneur and social entrepreneur who has founded 16 businesses. Jack also founded the Restroom Association of Singapore and the World Toilet Organization; he created the UN World Toilet Day (19 Nov) which was unanimously approved by all 193 governments of UN General Assembly. Jack received the Schwab Foundation award for Social Entrepreneur of the Year in 2001, Ashoka Global Fellow in 2007, Queen Elisabeth’s Commonwealth Points of Light Award in 2018, as well as Time Magazine’s Heroes of the Environment in 2008. He also founded the BoP Hub and built a 65,000 sq ft, SDG Center in Singapore to coordinate an effort to transform the 4 billion poor into a massively efficient marketplace to end global poverty.
Alan Ng
Brands For Good
Alan spent 8 years in International Enterprise Singapore and 3 years in Intellectual Property Office of Singapore before becoming a consultant to many local SMEs and International Organisation such as Asian Development Bank since 2015.
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