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Tik Tok Contest -
Heritage Comes Alive:
Embracing the Past, Envisioning the Future

This competition is aimed at encouraging participants to make interesting videos in Joo Chiat showcasing its living heritage / culture / historical significance. Shoot behind the beautiful backdrop against its architecture, green gardens or unique street names.

You can do a dance, play music or showcase the heartbeat of Joo Chiat in your own way via a Tik Tok video, live-streamed Q&A, or an online discussions format. Make it interactive, funny, and involve residents, local businesses or sites within the community.

Capture these LIVE fun momentS in Joo Chiat and WIN attractive prizes for the most creative and engaging Tik Tok presentations.

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Rules & Conditions

1. Objectives: Clearly define the goals of the competition to promote local culture, engage the community, and foster creativity.

2. Content Guidelines: Contestants must create and share TikTok videos that honor the neighborhood's heritage while showcasing how it has been uplifted in the future. These videos should encapsulate the essence of "Honoring Heritage" that is alive in JC.

3. Eligibility: The challenge is open to all residents, businesses and social groups in JC.

4. Video Duration: Videos should be between 15 and 60 seconds in length.

5. Content Originality: All videos must be original content created by the participant, and they should not infringe upon any copyright or intellectual property rights.

6. Public Profile: Contestants must have a public TikTok profile to participate. This is necessary to ensure that the videos can be viewed by a wider audience.

7. Hashtag Usage: Contestants must include the official challenge hashtag in the caption of their videos. The theme "Heritage Comes Alive" could be encapsulated into the content and delivered creatively for participants to share and view in their videos. (Participating Criteria: #JC65 #JCHeritageAlive + JC65 Logo has to be included or entry eligibility will be forfeited)

8. Safety and Respect: All videos should adhere to TikTok's community guidelines and maintain a respectful and safe environment. No offensive, harmful, or inappropriate that aims to segregate communities or cause racial disharmony content will be tolerated.

9. Submission Guidelines: Ensure participants adhere to TikTok's community guidelines.  

Confirm Competition Duration: From announcement 1 March to Jun
Submission deadlines: by 1 Jun 2024 (depending when race date is)
Eligibility criteria: (a) Criteria: Joo Chiat Resident category
(b) Open category (for entrants not living / doing biz in JC)

10. Community and Interactive Engagement Topics / Content: Contestants’ videos must be shot in a site in Joo Chiat and we encourage showcasing its living heritage / culture / history / music / food and / or architecture. It can be in the form of a video, live-streamed Q&A, or online discussions. Points are awarded for its Heritage and Joo Chiat related elements, including of cultural, arts and historical significance, creativity, storytelling of content or topic and overall impact and appeal to audience. Including and involving residents or local businesses within the community would be bonus.

11. Submission Process: Video submission on (Tik Tok, Instagram) and must include the necessary designated #hashtags + JC65 Logo. You may submit more than one entry but each entry must include the official challenge hashtag in the caption of your video(s). The theme "Heritage Comes Alive" ought to be encapsulated into the content and delivered creatively into the submission content video(s). 

(Participating #Hastag: #JC65 #JCIsAlive + JC65 Logo has to be included to avoid confusion with publicity submissions or submissions for judging or entry eligibility will be forfeited)

12. Marketing & Promotion of Channel: Promote the competition through social media, local newspapers, community groups, and official channels of the Joo Chiat Constituency.

13. Partnerships and Sponsors: Seek partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and potential sponsors to provide prizes, financial support, or promotional assistance. @gary

14. Prizes: Attractive prizes will be given out. These could include cash prizes, gift cards, local cultural experiences, or sponsor-provided items.

15. Training workshops or webinars: Join our workshops or webinars on TikTok video creation and storytelling to help you develop their skills. Look out for details posted on the official web: xxxxxxxxx.

16. Showcasing Winning Video(s) and Awards Ceremony: All entries submitted is a consent for the organisers to use / like / share the video(s) contents on its official and related sites to showcase or inspire other participation (regardless winning or non winning). Thereafter, all videos will be shared across to the judging committee for the winning selection process. Judges selection and decision on winning entries is final. No appeal is allowed. 

All participating entries will need to submit an entry form with their email / Tik Tok handles so that we can notify you to attend the onsite award presentation and celebrate with you in person. The organising committee has the right to continue to use / promote / showcase the participating TikTok videos on its other official social media channels and local media outlets. These could include usage for continual promotion of Joo Chiat even after the competition has ended. Beyond being published on social media, it could be played or broadcasted or shared at ongoing community and cultural preservation educational programs or events.

17. Feedback and Evaluation: We welcome feedback from participants, judges, and the community to assess and suggest areas of improvement beyond the competition. Its successful execution not only celebrates our Live heritage but also aims to foster a sense of unity and pride within the community.

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Joo Chiat

Winning & Judging Criteria

A panel of individuals (who have an understanding of the Joo Chiat heritage and culture) will be invited to judges. Consider including local influencers, cultural experts, including social media marketing experts will make up the judging committee. All decision made by the panel is final. No appeal of judging criteria is allowed.

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Prizes: Winners will be selected based on the above criteria, and the following prizes will be awarded:

Winners Participation in JC 65 celebration:
Beyond the award recognition, we would invite winners to partake in the local community LIVE video filming crew with the opportunity to lead or be part of the JC65 heritage initiatives to be present to shoot and celebrate together in preserving JC future heritage.

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