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Aeon Analytics Pte Ltd
Aeon Analytics Pte Ltd
Aeon Analytics Pte Ltd

Aeon Analytics Pte Ltd


Protecting The Environment

In Greek, “Aeon” means life and vital force. The company name “Aeon Analytics” communicates our aspiration to improve health and life for end consumers through the use of machine learning and other IT tools, via “pulse-taking” of consumer’s health. 

We strive to identify & quantify healthcare behaviours and symptoms of health issues, converting them to useful clinical insights and enabling actions, with the goal of better health outcome for consumers and higher productivity for healthcare institutions and companies. 

A Singapore Health Tech Startup, Aeon Analytics is born on 11 Jul 2019, through a spin-off from another startup Accu Healthcare after winning IPHatch Day 2018, Total Security Category. With the hand gesture, emotion and identity analytics provided by the sponsor to the category winner– Panasonics, we hope to forge a strong product with unparalleled capabilities versus current competitors and any would-be challengers. 

The first product Aeon Analytics strives to create is the Medication Adherence App. The App aims to ensure that patients take the right medication according to their clinicians’ treatment plans. Through this process, we also aim to generate data to empower clinicians and stakeholders such as pharmaceutical companies to monitor treatment and design & improve patients’ experience & outcome.


Aeon Analytics Pte Ltd





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CEO/Founder - Ivan Chew

Ivan Chew


Aeon Analytics Pte Ltd

Only through sincere interest in the welfare of its customers (and the environment & community they are embedded in), can a company create strong value added offerings and be an organisation that is built to last.

Aeon Analytics Pte Ltd


Aeon Analytics Pte Ltd

Ivan is a result-oriented and entrepreneurial executive with close to 20 years of extensive experience in managing sales, marketing, operations, human capital development, media & professional affairs and merchandising. During his career, he has risen from the rank and file in the healthcare industry, working from retail pharmacy to TCM and health tech start up, at both local and regional level. In the last 4 years, Ivan has been very involved in product development – an expertise which is critical for innovation and patent management. 

He possesses a proven record of improving operations, accelerating business growth, and maximising profits through marketing, people development and efficiency improvements. With his strong track record, he has helped all of his companies to win various accolades. Notable awards include “Top Enterprise of the year” 2014, for YesChain under Zuellig Pharma, Guardian’s achievement of Singapore Service Excellence Medallion 2013, and IPHatch Day 2018 Category Winner for Total Security Portfolio for Accu Healthcare.

Ivan first started his journey as an entrepreneur in 2017 as a Vice President for Accu Healthcare and was promoted to COO in the next year. Having won IPHatch Day 2018, and to reconcile the diverse technological advances pursued by Accu Healthcare, Ivan took up the challenge to head the business concerning image analytics application in healthcare, spinning off a new company – Aeon Analytics Pte Ltd.

Ivan is a Singapore registered pharmacist and possesses a Master Degree in Community Pharmacy (Queen’s University Belfast) and a Master in Business Administration.

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