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Fortitude Culina

Fortitude Culina Pte Ltd
Fortitude Culina Pte Ltd
Fortitude Culina Pte Ltd

Fortitude Culina Pte Ltd


Social Giving & Engagement

Business Model

Our mission is to build a compassionate Singapore with cuisines prepared from the heart.

We empower the Visually Impaired community through free culinary, pastry & baking skills development and for those who are more talented, we offer vocational training and employment in our cafe (opening in mid Sept 2019, hiring two visually impaired chefs).

Part of the net profits from the cafe will be plough back to support skills development program for the visually impaired.


Fortitude Culina Pte Ltd





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The Founder - Aaron Yeoh

Aaron Yeoh

The Founder

Fortitude Culina Pte Ltd

Just because a man lacks the use of his eyes doesn't mean he lacks vision - Stevie Wonder

Fortitude Culina Pte Ltd

The Founder

Fortitude Culina Pte Ltd

In 2013, I set up a Non Profit Organisation, Etch Empathy with a mission to to serve ASEAN vulnerable communities in achieving their aspirations.

We work directly with communities, volunteers, charities and private sectors to tackle global needs such as reducing prejudices and inequality for the visually impaired.

In 2017, I setup Fortitude Culina, which in coming Sept will manage a cafe, providing employment for the visually impaired as chefs.

In the same year, I assisted in setting up a charity, Cycling Without Age Singapore to support the well-being of seniors and build inter-generation bonding through trishaw cycling.

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