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Impact of Sustainability on Brand Value: Evidence from Singapore’s Companies, ASEAN Next?
Sustainability in businesses has been related to better market values. This is driven by an investor-based perspective which draws from a cost argument. In essence, better sustainability will lower the cost of equity as value increases. In a new study, we found that sustainability, as measured by its reporting, will also lead to higher brand values, thus uncovering a revenue angle. This study is based on evidence from Singapore’s listed companies. The webinar will highlight the relationship between sustainability and brand values in a practical way, with emphasis on implications and insights for business and regulatory leaders. It will then reveal the latest sustainability reporting findings in ASEAN companies, with a view towards examining the impact on brand values.
Prof Lawrence Loh
Director, Centre for Governance and Sustainability
NUS Business School
Prof Lawrence Loh is Director, Centre for Governance and Sustainability (CGS) at the NUS Business School, National University of Singapore (NUS). He is also Associate Professor of Strategy and Policy. Prof Loh received a PhD in Management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His thesis on technology governance was awarded first prize in the worldwide doctoral dissertation competition in the field of management information systems. At CGS, Prof Loh leads the Sustainability Reporting initiative covering ASEAN and Singapore corporations. He also steers the Singapore Governance and Transparency Index and the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard projects. Prof Loh heads the studies on board and workplace diversity and business integrity. Prof Loh is a regular commentator on governance and sustainability for many leading global and local media. Over the years, he serves as judge for various prestigious sustainability awards in Asia and Singapore. Prof Loh teaches Governance and Sustainable Business for NUS Executive MBA program. He regularly conducts executive development programs in governance, sustainability and strategy for board directors, senior management and business professionals.
Alan Ng
Brands For Good
Alan spent 8 years in International Enterprise Singapore and 3 years in Intellectual Property Office of Singapore before becoming a consultant to many local SMEs and International Organisation such as Asian Development Bank since 2015.
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