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IP Commercialisation & Strategy Workshop
Over the past 20 years, intangible assets have become the dominant factor in company valuations. Today approximately 85% of the valuation of the S&P 500 is defined by intangibles, while in 1975, that percentage was just 17%. Intangibles are notoriously difficult to value. Given their slippery nature and their power to generate returns, it’s worth paying attention to the qualities of intangibles. How did they become so powerful? The workshop take a closer look and unravel the power of IP strategy for businesses in the post-covid world.
Jeremy Peh
Senior Partner
Jeremy Peh is a master coach, serial entrepreneur, and a passionate investor. Currently a partner with Critical Thinking Academy and Trugem Capital, an investment holding company, Jeremy focuses on innovative and IP rich companies for his investment in future ready businesses. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Jeremy has more than twenty years of working experiences in engineering and management position across different functions: design & engineering, global sourcing & procurement, research & development, and business development.
Esther Wee
IIPCC Singapore
Esther is an Of Counsel and Head of IP in Singapore. She handles all aspects of IP relating to trademarks, patents, copyright, industrial designs and confidential information. Her clients include multinational corporations, publicly listed companies and SMEs from a wide range of industries including IT, communications, electrical and electronics, biotechnology, green technology, pharmaceutical, food and drink and retail. Esther is experienced in devising and managing comprehensive IP filing and protection strategies, from advising on pre-emptive measures in registering and securing IP rights, to initiating criminal and civil action against IP infringers through to enforcement actions and/or litigation. She is also a registered patent, trademark and industrial design agent in Malaysia. Esther also assists clients in maximizing the return on their IP investment by advising on licensing or franchising agreements relating to corporate acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic business activities. Esther also provides talks and training seminars on IP to startups, business owners and corporate in-house counsels. She was a regular speaker/trainer at the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC). She is also a member of the International IP Commercialisation Council (IIPCC) Singapore Chapter, the International Trademark Association (INTA), Asian Patent Attorney’s Association (APAA), Licensing Executive Society (LES) of Malaysia and Singapore and the Malaysian IP Association (MIPA).
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