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Go Green Race

30 June 2024

The Flag Off is at The Yards, 11am.
The End Point is at Wisma Geylang Serai (Open Field)

Join our Go Green Race and Explore Joo Chiat and journey through its historical landmarks, shophouses, and cultural sites.

Discover the rich diversity of the people, the streets, sights, food and heritage through its sound, taste and pictures.

Foster a closer ties with fellow neighbours and residents and be exposed to learning in a fun and engaging way.

Race Requirements, Rules & Regulations

  1. Objective: As a group, navigate to check-points provided. Complete them in the required time then make your way to the end point before the time expires.

  2. Start Point : The Yards , Joo Chiat Place
    End Point : the exact location of the end-point at Geylang Serai Wisma will be revealed on race day.

  3. Total time to complete the event : 65 mins
    Participants will only have 65 mins to visit & show proof of their visit to as many check-points as they can and get to the end-point before the time expires.
    There will be bonus check-points where, if they are visited, will allow teams to reduce their final completed time.

  4. Failure to complete the event within the stipulated time of 65 mins will result in immediate disqualification.

  5. Mode of verification of successful visits of check-points : photo capture of the whole team with the location ID/ icon/ reference (which will be provided to them at the start of the event)

  6. Teams are only permitted to travel by ‘Green transportation’ such as public transport (bus, mrt), personal mobility devices (skates, bicycles, scooters etc) or a combination of these.  No personal vehicles are permitted.

  7. Safety and Respect: Kindly note that safety is paramount in such an activity and every precaution will be taken in high regard to ensuring this is achieved. Jay-walking, non-compliance of traffic rules and other unlawful practices are highly discouraged while offensive, harmful, or inappropriate content / anything to segregate communities or cause racial disharmony content will not be tolerated.

  8. Pre-event Briefing: It is mandatory for participants to attend the pre-event briefing, either physically on-site or via video conference.  Details of this will be made available later.

  9. Winners will be the ones with the most number of locations visited, captured in the fastest time, with reduction of time computed for successful visit of Bonus Check-points (where applicable) and with the required accompanying photos.

  10. Teams will be flagged off by categories from the Start Point and re-convene at the End Point.

  11. Any dispute must be filed with the Race Director within 1 hour of the disputing team’s completed time.  All decisions by the Race Committee are final and irrevocable.

  12. Feedback and Evaluation: We welcome feedback from participants, judges, and the community to explore ways to continue promoting Joo Chiat’s heritage and culture and would love to host more future design competitions, art exhibitions and heritage preservation projection beyond the competition. We hope to leave a lasting impact by showcasing and celebrating local heritage whilst inspiring a sense of unity and pride within the community.

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Parental Consent

Participants must be at least 18 years of age or have parental/legal guardian consent to participate in the race. Minors participating must be accompanied by a responsible adult throughout the event.

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Medical Clearance Before Participation

Participants affirm that they are in good health and physically capable of participating in the Joo Chiat Heritage Fun Race. Participants with any medical conditions or concerns should seek advice from a healthcare professional prior to the event.

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Respectful Environment

Participants agree to conduct themselves in a respectful and sportsmanlike manner throughout the duration of the race.


Go Green Race - A Family Fun & Inclusive Race

Go Green Race participants will meander through Joo Chiat and journey through JC's historical landmarks, shophouses, and cultural sites, discover little nuggets of the area and revel in the rich diversity of the people and culture.

They get to explore the streets, sights, food and heritage of JC through sound, taste and pictures and see first hand how it is fostering closer ties and a sense of belonging amongst neighbours and residents.

What’s more, making their way through Joo Chiat, they will be exposed to the rich culture there, learning its wonderful heritage in a fun and engaging way.

Participation Categories & Criteria

Below are categories for participation.  Each team shall comprise of 4 team members:

i. Categories

For 3 to 4 per group: 

a) Open (any age, any combination)
b) Family (parent(s)+kid(s) + Grandparent(s))
c) Youth (up to 21 yrs, 4 in a team)

ii. Prizes: Winners will be selected based on the above criteria.

Inclusive Partner

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Established in July 2017, Extra•Ordinary People is a Singapore-registered charity and Institution of Public Character (IPC) which holistically supports persons with special needs while striving for an inclusive society through family-centred and community-supported initiatives. 

Supporting Partner

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