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Heritage T-Shirt

Design Contest

Joo Chiat is rich in history, traditions, cultures, architecture, and many of its past has historical importance to Singapore.

Well, you now have the chance to add that tinge of history onto a T-shirt and make it youthful, creative and fashionable!

Win attractive cash prizes up to $7,000!

Ready To Create?

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Heritage T-Shirt
Design Competition For All Ages

Joo Chiat is rich in history, traditions, culture, buildings, and many of its past has historical importance to Singapore.

Are you able to capture a piece of Joo Chiat’s rich heritage onto a piece of paper?

And create it into a T-for any occasion. Well, you now have the chance to add that tinge of history onto a T-shirt and make it youthful, creative and fashionable!

Add colours unique to your taste and style. Design it and, we’ll take care of the rest - print it and display it for the world to see!

Participants will be encouraged to create T-shirt design(s) that embodies JC’s heritage - in the form of its history / street / culture / arts or music represented graphically, 

illustrated into a sketch or depicted into a symbol. In celebration of JC65 years celebration, the winning designs will be selected by a panel of judges from the art fraternity and be used as a feature at the ‘close’ of our 65 years anniversary celebration.

The winning artwork could be delivered into numerous art objects i.e. from commemorative T-shirts, mural paintings on walls, to even printed gift items etc. that could be exhibited / displayed alongside other exhibitions and activities.

Rules & Conditions

1. Objectives: Enable design based on a clearly defined goal with the aim to promote local culture, engage the community, and foster creativity.

2. Content Artwork Guidelines: Participant’s creation must be of original content created by the participant. The encompassing masterpiece must include an interpretation of  JC's heritage. We encourage showcasing its living heritage / culture / history / music / food / street name, and / or architecture. Artworks should not infringe any copyright or intellectual property rights.

Points are awarded for its Heritage and Joo Chiat related elements, including of cultural, arts and historical significance, creativity, storytelling of content or topic and its overall impact and appeal to fashion and trends.

3. Eligibility: The challenge is open to all Singaporeans.

4. Hashtag Usage: Contestants must include the official challenge hashtag in caption of their submission. The theme "Heritage Comes Alive" should be encapsulated into the content and delivered creatively as a T-shirt artwork / symbol. (Participating Criteria: T-shirt should have either taglines: Joo Chiat 65, JCHeritageAlive, JC65 Logo should be included into the entry)

5. Safety and Respect: Kindly ensure that the content is respectful, safe and can be viewed by a wider audience. No offensive, harmful, or inappropriate content / anything to segregate communities or cause racial disharmony content will be tolerated in the artwork interpretation.

6. Competition Submission Guidelines: Ensure participants adhere to submission guidelines:  

Confirm Competition Duration: From announcement 1 March to 14th Jun
Submission deadlines: Extended to 14th June 2024
Eligibility criteria: (a) Open to all designer, artists and hobbyist 

7. Submission Process: You may submit more than 1 artwork. However, each artwork must be submited online via xxxxxxx and must include Full name, contact details, email address, a caption describing your masterpiece and its relevance to Joo Chiat. The theme "Heritage Comes Alive" ought to be encapsulated into the content and delivered creatively into the masterpiece. 

8. Marketing & Promotion of Channel: The competition will be publicised through social media, local newspapers, community groups, schools, art / ECA classes and official channels of the Joo Chiat Constituency.

9. Partnerships and Sponsors: Seek partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and potential sponsors to provide prizes, financial support, or promotional assistance. @gary

10. Prizes: Attractive prizes will be given out. These could include cash prizes, gift cards, local cultural experiences, or sponsor-provided items.

11. Training workshops or webinars: Join our design workshops or webinars that will help you embark on this design journey and gain a deeper understanding of the theme. Look out for details posted on the official web: xxxxxxxxx. 

12. Showcasing Winning Artwork(s) and Awards Ceremony: All entries submitted is a consent for the organisers to showcase / use / like / share its contents on its official and related sites to inspire other participation (regardless winning or non winning) entries. Thereafter, all artwork would be shared across to the judging committee for the winning selection process. Judges selection and decision on winning entries are final. No appeal is allowed. 

All participating entries will need an accompanying entry form with their full contact details so that we can seek clarification or notify you where needed to attend the onsite award presentation and celebrate your entry with you in person. The organising committee has the right to continue to use / promote / showcase the entries on its other official social media channels and local media outlets. These could also include usage (but not limited to) the continual promotion within Joo Chiat even after the competition has ended. Beyond being published on social media, it could be played or broadcasted or shared at ongoing community and cultural preservation educational programs or events.

13. Feedback and Evaluation: We welcome feedback from participants, judges, and the community to explore ways to continue promoting Joo Chiat’s heritage and culture and would love to host more future design competitions, art exhibitions and heritage preservation projection beyond the competition. We hope to leave a lasting impact by showcasing and celebrating local heritage whilst inspiring a sense of unity and pride within the community.

Winning & Judging Criteria

The winning criteria for the Design contest will be as follows:

i. Judging Panel (Committee): A panel of individuals (may include local artists, designers, historians and community leaders who have an understanding of the Joo Chiat heritage and culture) will be invited to be judges. Consider including local influencers, cultural experts, including social media marketing experts will make up the judging committee. All decisions made by the panel are final. No appeal of judging criteria is allowed. 

ii. Judging Criteria / Breakdown: Develop clear and transparent criteria for judging as below:

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Prizes: Winners will be selected based on the above criteria, and the following prizes will be awarded:

Winners Participation in JC 65 celebration: Beyond the award recognition, we would invite winners to partake in the exhibition and setup of their own showcasing as part of the JC65 heritage initiatives.

Awards Ceremony: Designers are expected to be present during the awards presentation where winners will be announced and recognized for their efforts.

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